• Overcoming Failure

    Overcoming Failure

    Overcoming Failure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZyRLV-WsYQ
  • Overcoming Resistance

    Overcoming Resistance

    http://youtu.be/GNkoDXo10J0 How do you overcome resistance? When you want to overcome resistance, there is an easy way . . . take action. Don't wait for motivation, take action then you will fill accomplished because of that action.  Motivation works that way!  Watch the video for more. Here are some steps to get you out of your resistance mode and into action mode: Start with the end goal (VISION) - start with the end in mind.  What is [...]
  • Online Trust

    Is your business TRUSTworthy?

    http://youtu.be/pkSQUcb1Bbs Is your business trustworthy?   Do people view your business as trustworthy based on what you have online?  You may want to take a different view on how your online presence works. Get your free downloadable TRUST CHECKLIST to see if your business is trustworthy.  We don't ask for name, number or anything, just click here to download or view the PDF form.
  • Decision Making

    People make decisions based on THEIR story.

    http://youtu.be/rofFtppcJqg People make decisions based on their story.  When entrepreneurs can connect to the world of their customers, they are going to be extremely successful. Use powerful personal stories to connect to your ideal customer's world view.  Those stories will create loyal followers and lead you to success.
  • Confident in Yourself

    Don’t let other people tell you who you are

    http://youtu.be/Oy7Pjsm30lw?list=UU-FPhzw1WihlkPwF9_za0Jg Follow Your Heart In this video I share a quick story about someone else telling me what they thought I should be.  You must follow your heart to decide who you want to be and who you are supposed to be. You were created for a purpose.  Go out into the world and fulfill that purpose.
  • Social Media Questions

    Asking the right questions on social media

    http://youtu.be/0omLqAKNIMI How to ask questions on social media Asking questions should be easy, right?  Then, why are so many people doing it wrong. When I was working on my Master’s degree, I had to write a 30 page paper on how to ask the right questions. . . yes, you heard me, thirty pages!  At first, I was not sure how I could do that, but then, I realized there is a lot more to asking questions than I thought.  So, let me share a few [...]
  • Developing a Digital Product

    You Can Develop A Product

    http://youtu.be/L3QGLO0lOOI You can develop a product. I can say that statement with full confidence, you know how I know?  Because you are reading this page! You have a desire and you know there is something you can do to help others.  Developing a product is simply taking a skill you have and teaching it to others. How do you make it successful?  You provide a result that people will pay for. Let's break down a basic product: Solve a [...]
  • SEO Dead?

    Is SEO Dead?

    http://youtu.be/Ktdlfn1p79M Is SEO Dead? Let’s be honest, SEO is a game.  We try to trick the search engines into finding our web page.  We want to win the game by having more people talking about us and yelling louder than all the other pages when Google comes looking for something. SEO is not about being the loudest, most bold webpage.  SEO is about being relevant to the person who is searching for actual information. Search [...]
  • Perfect Video

    3 Steps to the Perfect Video

    http://youtu.be/xpvXCnuSNSA 3 Steps to Making Killer Business Videos The three steps are easy; Intention Value Call to Action Let’s break these down and see how we used them in the video. Intention Every video needs to have a purpose. Without a purpose, there is no reason to create a video.  Are you entertaining?  Are you teaching?  Are you inspiring?  Are you sharing a story? The intention creates the ‘feel’ and [...]
  • 8 Ways To A Perfect Video

    8 Ways to Make Your Videos Better

    http://youtu.be/j-qRegA4DEE 8 Video Tips to Make Your Videos Look Professional In the video we covered the value of the content: what you actually say is important.  We covered audio, visual, location and even touched on editing.  Well, hold on while I give you three more exciting tips to get you one step closer to being a video pro. Framing You have probably heard the term ‘dead center.’  Dead center is a term that means our eyes get [...]

A Christian Business Coach Can Help You Succeed In Business and In Life

A Christian Business Coach will help you align your business to your values as a Christian.  As we work through a solid plan of growth for your business, you will find that spiritual energy flowing over into your personal life as well.  We take a wholistic approach to coaching since who you are as a Christian impacts your business, your family, your church and your community.

Let me help you align your personal and business life with the plan that God has for you.

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