• Business Owners Use Video

    5 Reasons Business Owners Won’t Use Video

    http://youtu.be/9sxc1aHqKnM 5 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Create Videos for their Business They think the equipment is expensive. There was a time when camera equipment, and broadcasting in general, was out of the hands of most people. That all changed when we started carrying around computers in our pockets. When I got started making videos I literally had a fourteen dollar camera and a nine dollar video program.  If you have a [...]
  • Copywriting Basics

    Copywriting Basics

    http://youtu.be/UUw9VBuw_Zw Beginning Copywriting If you don’t know what copywriting is let me make it easy and make sure we are talking about the same thing.  Copywriting is effectively communicating with your potential customers in a way that persuades them to become loyal customers, or as I like to say, raving fans. To effectively communicate you need three things: Know your audience: your target market or your ideal customer. [...]
  • About Page

    The ONE Video Your Business NEEDS to have

    http://youtu.be/WOj0X8V4wyQ The ONE Video Your Business ABSOLUTELY NEEDS Many people think that the one video they need to have for their business is a video on their main page.  I don’t think so.  The most valuable video you need to have is your story video.  Your story video should be on your ABOUT page Why an About page video is so powerful: When someone goes to your ABOUT page, they have a mental ‘buy in’ to who you are. New visitors [...]
  • 10 Reasons Small Businesses Stay Small

    10 Reasons Businesses Stay Small

    http://youtu.be/zvk_DB0iuuU 10 Reasons small companies stay small Lack of business planning This is a simple fix, create a business plan.  Even if you have been doing business for a while, creating a business plan will help your identify exactly what you need to do.  You can do a simple exercise and write down what your business looks like in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years. Lack of online marketing We live in a digital world. . . well most [...]
  • Presenting a Sales System

    Presenting Your Sales System

    http://youtu.be/wFX9FgfUdYs 4 Step Sales System Research Get to know your target audience ahead of time.  Anticipate and prepare for objections. Learn to talk their language. Read Read their personality and their situation.  Present for them in a way that it they feel like you are reading their minds.  Talk directly to their needs using their language based on your research. Reveal Internalize and understand where they are coming from. [...]
  • Successful Sales System

    Creating a Sales System

    http://youtu.be/WMgT14RwZuM Sales and conversions The goal of marketing is to get in front of the customer.  The very next thought should be ‘how do I convert those prospects into sales. It is called sales conversion. The key is to create a sales system.  Make sure your sales system is based on why a customer should buy from you.  Always keep the ‘why’ in the top of mind awareness. Sales Conversion System In sales, people are at different [...]
  • 7 Steps To Marketing Your Business

    7 Steps to Marketing Your Business

    http://youtu.be/Jf5xhlsMpK0 7 Steps to Marketing Your Business Marketing and advertising are somewhat interchangeable.  Let me define marketing as simple as I can. Marketing is anything you do to get your business to your potential customers and convert them into customers. Marketing covers everything from how you answer the phone, how your ads look, how your webpage is designed, how you dress…etc.  Another way of looking at marketing [...]
  • Create a Meaningful Purpose

    Creating Meaningful Purpose

    http://youtu.be/TlJdCwvw-zI Creating Meaningful Purpose Everyone wants to have a deeper purpose to life.  When we define that purpose, we begin to live in the reality of what we were created for.  Imagine knowing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.  Imagine knowing exactly why you are here on this earth.  You can know these things if you look to the one who created you. In business, there are many things that distract us.  Sometimes [...]
  • The Power of Leadership

    Power of Leadership

    http://youtu.be/8c31LaZqGAc The Power of Leadership First thought: Everything rises of falls on leadership.  Whether your business is a success or failure is all due to the leader.  The old saying, “the buck stops here” is exactly what we are talking about.  You are the leader and if things are not working right you need to adjust, grow or make changes. As leaders, it is hard to see from our perspective.  We need someone from the [...]
  • Power Talk

    Using Power Talk

    http://youtu.be/hDKdVNIhYUA Using Power Talk with Customers Power Talk is a way to communicate with your customers in a way that connects to them.  When dealing with a customer, you don’t want to come across like a used car salesman. You want to be genuine and authentic.  You want to show that you are passionate about what you do and really care about them as customer and as a person. Be specific Tell the customer exactly what they [...]

A Christian Business Coach Can Help You Succeed In Business and In Life

A Christian Business Coach will help you align your business to your values as a Christian.  As we work through a solid plan of growth for your business, you will find that spiritual energy flowing over into your personal life as well.  We take a wholistic approach to coaching since who you are as a Christian impacts your business, your family, your church and your community.

Let me help you align your personal and business life with the plan that God has for you.

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