• Using Social Media For Your Business

    Using social media for business

    http://youtu.be/haWqmmgYYY0 Using social media for marketing Using social media in business all comes down to two things: Who are you targeting? What is your strategy? Start with your strategy that you are using on your blog post.  Then, post your info from your blog on your social media strategically.  By strategically, I mean to post on the social media where your audience is. How to use social media for business to connect with [...]
  • Using A Blog For Your Business

    How/Why to use a blog for business

    http://youtu.be/YFJkmD1YCn0 Using a blog for business You need a blog if you are in business.  In today’s consumer driven society people want to know that you know what you are talking about.  Many times consumers will research a topic before going to a business. Just talk to a doctor and ask how many of his patients are suggesting the medications they may need.  With all the commercials and websites, it is easy to find the pills that [...]
  • Creating Useful and Useable Content

    Creating Useful and Usable Content

    http://youtu.be/WijWUD9lD_8 CREATE USEABLE and USEFUL Content As an entrepreneur, you want to create content that is irresistible to your customer or clients.  You want to have a no-brainer offer that entices them to take the action you want.  In essence, this content should be part of your selling ‘system’ which guides your leads into your business. Some content is used for marketing and some is used to gain customers.  Here are some [...]
  • How To Create Content

    How to Create Content

    http://youtu.be/oe6t5cfpHMU How to create content quickly If you want to create valuable content quickly, you must start with a good strategy.  What is it that your customers or clients will find valuable?  How can you entice them to take action and give you their contact information? Real Life Example Let me share a real life story.  I was visiting with a client yesterday.  I shared with him how easy it is to create content.  He is [...]
  • The Christian Business Scorecard

    Christian Business Scorecard

    Are You Serving God in Your Business? As Christians, it is easy to get sidetracked, especially in our business.  Just like in baseball, you need to know how you are doing.  If you look at the news, you might think that the 'other' team is winning, but keeping your eyes on Christ keeps you focused on what is important. With this in mind, I created a handy 'scorecard' for Christian entrepreneurs.  You can use the scorecard to quickly [...]
  • Using Content To Gain Customers

    Using Content to Gain Customers

    http://youtu.be/0cO_DtFwNR4 Use online content to gain leads and convert customers Content is valuable information that you can giveaway in exchange for marketing information that you want.  You may want an email address so that you can send an email sequence, you may want a phone number for your sales team to call, or you may want an address to send a direct mail sequence. Valuable content can be used in many ways, only limited by your [...]
  • The Power of Pause

    The Power of Pause

    http://youtu.be/9B-2H4KcQoU The power of pause for productivity The power of pause is one of the most underutilized productivity hacks. I know it seems counterintuitive to pause when you are trying to be productive, but it will make all the difference in the world. There is an old fable about a lumberjack competition between a young strapping lumberjack and an old grizzled lumber jack. Each was handed an ax, they stood up at ready and [...]
  • The Power of Pause

    Start Closing More

    http://youtu.be/EJsD-AMQwFc Start closing MORE Everyone sells. From the man trying to get a date, to the mom trying to get her kids to eat veggies, to kids trying to stay up later, everyone sells.  The key is to have your end goal in mind.  If you have been around a kid who wants to stay up, they are adamant about staying up.  They will ask, plead, beg, borrow, yell, scream, pout. . . they will do whatever it takes because they have a [...]
  • People Share Social Media

    Why do people share on social media?

    http://youtu.be/ajUyg54gtzk Why do people share on social media? The goal of using social media for your business is to get people to talk about your stuff.  By stuff, we mean your business, your industry, your company, your campaigns, your products or your services.  The more people talk about them, the more successful you will become. Why do people share other people’s stuff on social media? The New York Times put out a study [...]
  • Sharing Social Media

    What should I share on social media?

    http://youtu.be/0ahvTlW8St4 As a business owner, what should I share on social media? If you want people to follow you on social media, you must be worth following.  There are two traits common to people who are followed on social media: Be interesting. Be valuable. Being interesting does not mean you need to jump up and down.  There are countless examples of the mild mannered person being successful on social media.  It is not a [...]

A Christian Business Coach Can Help You Succeed In Business and In Life

A Christian Business Coach will help you align your business to your values as a Christian.  As we work through a solid plan of growth for your business, you will find that spiritual energy flowing over into your personal life as well.  We take a wholistic approach to coaching since who you are as a Christian impacts your business, your family, your church and your community.

Let me help you align your personal and business life with the plan that God has for you.

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