As a Christian, I must bless where I am blessed. That’s why I help others grow their business.

It started when I was younger when I would go with my Grandmother to garage sales to find some ‘treasures.’  I thought of it as a big treasure hunt as she would look for antiques and things not quite as shiny as they should be.  She would bring them home and ‘pretty them up’ so their value could be seen.

As I grew into my teen years, I would watch my Dad as he found old cars most people would overlook.  He would buy them, fix them up and sell them for their new value.   The person who sold it to him was pleased to be rid of the car.  The person who bought it was pleased to have a great deal.

That is what I do for business.  I ‘pretty things up’ and ‘fix’ what needs to be fixed.  The value of your business can only go up when you have someone come along side you to polish off the rough edges and do a quick tune-up to your business.

I would love to help you with your business.  Fill out my contact form and I will get back in touch usually within 24 hours.  Unless it is weekends, that time is spent with family.

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