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Cloning Money in Business

How Do You Clone Money In Your Business?

I was recently talking to a client about her business.  She is in the service industry and needed to make more money.  I told her that her time is limited and if she could duplicate herself she could help more of her clients.

Since cloning has not been developed yet, I suggested  she create videos and worksheets to guide her clients through her main process.  Then, offer to help them on an individual basis if they needed further instruction.

Creating a product like this does two things:

  1. It prepares her clients to work with her.
  2. It gets her clients familiar with her.

Imagine if all your customers and clients came to you prepared to do business with you.  You would not need to sell them on what you do because they would already have the ground work.  They have taken your ‘course’ and prepared themselves to do business with you.

This may sound like ‘pie in the sky’ thinking, but let’s get into real life for a moment.  One of my clients is a door company.  They spend lots of time on the phone educating their clients how door styles, sizes, and terminology.  I suggested they create a worksheet or video that talks about the common questions they answer for their customers.  This would free them up to answer questions after the customer had pre-qualified themselves.

When you create valuable information for your customers, you become their trusted authority.  That is why we talked so much about blogging and creating products.  Doing these things gives modern day consumers the information they are searching for and helps them get to know you.

Honestly, business is built on relationships.  If you can find a way to really build a relationship with a customer, you will have a customer for life.  They will trust you and refer you to all of their friends.

You can do that with checklists, worksheets, videos, audios, images . . . the sky is the limit.  Simply figure out what your customer relates to and relate to them.  That is how you duplicate yourself and put your business on autopilot.

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4 Step Sales System


Get to know your target audience ahead of time.  Anticipate and prepare for objections. Learn to talk their language.


Read their personality and their situation.  Present for them in a way that it they feel like you are reading their minds.  Talk directly to their needs using their language based on your research.


Internalize and understand where they are coming from. Script your presentation in a way to overcome objections and naturally follow through to the closing of the sale.


Go over all that you went over with them in a short version.  Remind them of the key points.  You can even hand them a checklist.  Use this to close the deal by getting the customer to ‘buy in’ to what you have revealed.

Bonus: Review

Go over what you accomplished in your sales process.  What can be improved?  What worked great?  If something needs to be improved, learn from other experts and get better.  Read book, listen to audios, or watch videos.  You have so much at your finger tips today to grow in your presentation.

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Sales and conversions

The goal of marketing is to get in front of the customer.  The very next thought should be ‘how do I convert those prospects into sales. It is called sales conversion.

The key is to create a sales system.  Make sure your sales system is based on why a customer should buy from you.  Always keep the ‘why’ in the top of mind awareness.

Sales Conversion System

In sales, people are at different points of the buying spectrum. You want to have a sales system that identifies where they are and brings them to the next step.  Leads become prospects.  Prospects become customers.  Customers bring in more customers.


These are people who are ‘likely’ to buy from you.  If you think everyone needs your product, you cannot market.  Identify who is most likely to buy from you.


These are people who have seen your brand or company. They are exposed to your marketing and are thinking about buying.  You want to get into the heads of this group so you can really connect deeply to them.


These are the people who decide to buy from your.  Your sales system should include follow-up with this group of people.  Include strategies like a referral program.

Sales is everything it takes to convert prospects to paying customers.  Your entire sales system that must connect with each of the above stages.

The easiest way is to deliver meaningful experience that educates, engages and entertains.  The easiest way I could describe a sales system is this:

  • Educate your leads.
  • Engage your Prospects.
  •  Entertain your customers.

Sales and conversion is simple once you understand the needs, wants, and problems of your ideal audience.  Then, you just build a system around those needs, wants, and desires.

Do you have a sales system? How’s it working for you share with us on Youtube or GooglePlus?

Platform is power!

Way back before computers and even before cars, when someone had something to say they hit the streets and get on a soapbox, literally.  To be important you want to get noticed.  Important people often stand above others, so people would look for something to stand on.  They usually found a box that soap came in because they were sturdy and usually made of wood.  Anyone with a message would literally grab a soapbox

What does that have to do with you?

You want to be noticed.  You want to stand out and be heard.  You want to rise above the crowd.  You want to find your soapbox, a.k.a. platform.

A platform is what you stand on.  It is foundational to how you build your business and live your life.

Michael Hyatt has a whole book about building a platform.  It is easy to read and has some great practical advice.  Let me share a few of the points with you as well as an infographic from Michael

Three Tips to Creating Your Platform

Wow Your Audience

If you stood on a soapbox and got people listening to you, you better have something to say.  In today’s marketplace, you better have something memorable to say.  Create a wow in the way you present yourself and the way you communicate about your product.  Michael says, “Don’t settle for less than greatness.”

Set a Good Foundation

You have to have a foundation to build on, or whatever you build will crumble.  Do you build on sand or solid rock. . . I have heard that somewhere ;>)

Many people are connected online, so make sure you build a great webpage.  Communicate value and develop your brand.  Don’t stop developing your page until it says exactly what you do and who you are.

Expand your Influence.

We have talked about developing your voice and engaging your tribe.  Take that voice and develop your tribe.  They will naturally share your content which will impact many others.

The more of your voice you put out, the more trust and influence you gain. . . if you have a good platform.

Get your voice out into the world or it can never be heard.

What is your platform?  What do you stand for? Share it on our Youtube or GooglePlus.

Platform by Michael Hyatt

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