Your words have power.

When you use words to tell your story or share your wisdom, they impact others.  The catch is, you have to put your words somewhere others can see them.  You have to become a writer.

You don’t have to write the next greatest novel, but you may write the words that impacts one little person who goes on to impact thousands.

Could you imagine if the person who inspired you never took time to share?  Your life would be entirely different.

You may be the only person, someone will listen to. Think about that.  Someone may never reach their full potential, if you don’t take time to let your voice be heard.  It is so important to get your words out into the world so that others can find them.

How to get your voice into the world

Create a Blog

There are many free resources about creating a blog.  There are even some free formats like WordPress or Blogger.  These are easy to start.  If you have a webpage, you can probably add a blog pretty easy.  Most hosting services offer blogging as an install to your page.

This is not a ‘how to’ guide for blogging.  If you want to get started, I suggest: Problogger as a good place to start.  Like I always say, if you need specific help, just ask.  I offer coaching and training for those who are ready to take their writing to the next level.

Write a Book

Don’t be intimidated by writing a book.  With today’s technology, you can virtually talk a book into existence.  You can use a program, get someone to transcribe, or you can even get someone to write it for you.  I suggest writing it yourself and there are many easy ways to get this done.  (Again, contact me, I can help you get there quicker.)

If you just write 10 pages a day, you will have a 300 page book in a month!  If you just write 5 pages a day, you will have 150 pages in a month.  The key is consistent writing each and every day.

Engage on Social Media

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus may not feel like writing, but that is exactly what it is.  People are always putting little snippets of their lives for the world to see.  What if we had a revolution of people putting content out into the world that impacted others for good.  No more sharing cat pics and what they ate for breakfast, the world would be challenged and sharpened.  People’s lives would be touched and someone may just have their life changed.

It is important that you engage on social media in order to connect with others.  In our world today, connections are the new commodity.  You have something to say, so say it. Pick a side and let your voice be heard.

I would love to hear about your words of wisdom.  What is ONE piece of advice that you heard that impacted your life?  Share it on our Youtube or GooglePlus.

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Lyle Huddlestun is a Christian business coach in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. He is an author at Marketing Digest; Writer for Christian Business Revolution; Certified Business Consultant and Ordained Minister.

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