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Everyone sells. From the man trying to get a date, to the mom trying to get her kids to eat veggies, to kids trying to stay up later, everyone sells.  The key is to have your end goal in mind.  If you have been around a kid who wants to stay up, they are adamant about staying up.  They will ask, plead, beg, borrow, yell, scream, pout. . . they will do whatever it takes because they have a perceived value in their head.  They 'know' the benefit of what they want.

We must do the same with customers and clients. We must start with the perceived value.  As an entrepreneur, staying motivated can be tough. It is hard to keep focused when business has it ebbs and flows. There are times when we just want to throw in the towel, but that is where the entrepreneur spirit kicks in.  We want to succeed and we push past where most people stop.

4 things you must GET as an entrepreneur


Attention is all about standing above the crowd.  It is marketing.  Marketing is everything you do.  You cannot sell if no on e knows about you and your business.  Marketing gets what you have to the people who need it in whatever way possible.


Criticism comes from people legitimately trying to help you.  These are the people who care about you and help you from going over the edge of that cliff where you are teetering.  These people are usually mentors, friends and family who want to see you succeed.  These are your cheerleaders who show you the reality when you are about to go too far.  Take it and learn from it.


“Haters gonna hate.” There are some people who just want to be negative.  If you are getting haters, that means that you are getting attention.  It means that you have provoked someone.  Mind you, these are usually just people saying stupid things, but in reality, they are just hurting people.  Hurt people hurt people.  Take care how you handle these ‘trolls’ or you could end up hurting your business.  Be tender, or just ignore them.  Eventually they will find someone else to go off on.


If you are not closing sales, you are not in business.  If you are online, closing means that you are having conversions.  You are converting visitors to customers.  It is important to always have the end in mind.  If you start by thinking about closing, your whole sales process can become a well oiled machine.  It will work for you rather than you working for it.

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Lyle Huddlestun is a Christian business coach in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. He is an author at Marketing Digest; Writer for Christian Business Revolution; Certified Business Consultant and Ordained Minister.

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