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Getting Results

What kind of results do you want your customers to have?

First, let’s talk about the kinds of results.  There are two basic types of results: internal and external.    External results can be seen.  A car is cleaner when using a specific detergent.  A person is losing weight and it is noticeable.  External goals can usually be measured and are easy to quantify.

The internal results are harder to see. If someone has a cleaner car, they are proud of the way it looks and the effort they put into making it shine.  If someone is losing weight, they are gaining self-esteem.  It is about how they ‘feel’ after they use your product or service.

There is an internal result, indirect or direct, that customers get from almost any product or service.  A great entrepreneur knows how to really connect to that inner result.  If you can connect to the internal results of your product or service, you can develop a marketing campaign that gets through the fluff and directly to the heart of your customers.

Three steps to getting better business results


Be specific about the results of your product or service.  Get customers to think about what you do in a way that causes a mind shift.  Watch a coke commercial.  They are not selling cokes, they are selling happiness.  They can get away with it because they have tapped in to who they are as a brand.  Be specific about what you do, but point to the internal results.


Whatever your business is about, keep it simple.  I have seen too many commercials try to do too much.  Find that one thing that your company does best and promote the heck out of it.  Ask yourself, what one problem does my company solve best?  Find the one thing that your company does and tell your customer how to do it.


Everyone likes vanilla, but no one talks about vanilla!  You want to create a splash and make your name memorable.  Be exciting simple means to invoke emotion in your audience.  You may want to do some crazy stunt if that works for your company, however, getting behind a social cause and showing compassion can have just as much effect, if not more.  Create sizzle by invoking emotion.

Bonus: SHARE

When you share something whether it is a video, blog post or a photo, you are creating sizzle for someone else.  If it is really good, that sizzle comes back to you.  In essence, people think, “If that is really good and he shared it, he must be good too.”

On that note, why not share your sizzle with our community on Youtube or GooglePlus When you share on our pages, you are sharing with like-minded people who would love to be part of your story.  You may impact someone’s life by leaving a simple comment.

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