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5 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Create Videos for their Business

They think the equipment is expensive.

There was a time when camera equipment, and broadcasting in general, was out of the hands of most people. That all changed when we started carrying around computers in our pockets.

When I got started making videos I literally had a fourteen dollar camera and a nine dollar video program.  If you have a computer, you probably already have a simple video program.  If not, Youtube provides simple editing including putting text on your video, chopping off parts of the video and a few more neat things…all for free!

This excuse is the easiest to overcome.  Smart phones today are more powerful than expensive camera used to be. If you don’t have one, I bet you know a friend who has one that will help you get started.  Or you can buy a cheap camera on a site like ebay or even use a webcam to do your recordings.  Equipment should never stand in the way no matter what your budget.

They think they don’t have time.

#1 – Let’s assume you have a smart phone.  You can pull out your phone, record yourself and have a video directly uploaded to Youtube in less than a minute. Time is not the issue.  The issue is purpose. If you have a purpose for your video, then creating it will be simple.

#2 – If you are a business owner, I bet you have at least one employee who would be willing to shoot a quick video and upload it for you.  You simply send an email with basic instructions then ‘empower’ that person to create the video for you.  There is power in delegation and it did not take you much more time than creating an email.

They think they can’t edit.

The purpose of editing is to remove unwanted content.  If you don’t like editing, shoot the video a couple of times till it looks like you want it. Then, you just upload it like it is.  Taking time to plan out your video and putting some effort into making your message clear is important.

If you have to edit, Youtube has everything you need.  Just shoot the video, upload it to Youtube, chop off the front and the end of the video, and boom, you are done. Editing does not have to be fancy.  The key is to effectively communicate to your audience.

If you really want your videos to look good consider hiring a professional video company or just find a video student at the local college.  They will gain valuable experience and you will gain valuable videos.  Just keep in mind, they are learning and you really want to consider what you need them to do for your business.

They think they are not technical enough.

In today’s world, if you can get online, you can create a video.  If you can operate a smart phone or even a modern TV, you are ‘techie’ enough to create a video.  Creating a video is not about being techie, it is about effectively communicating. (I have heard that somewhere before!)

Your message will be more powerful than any lack of technical ‘know how.’  If you have a message, then it ought to be important enough for you to get outside of your comfort zone.  Take a moment to learn something new about creating videos and challenge yourself to be better.  Your message is important enough for people to hear it.  (We can even provide you will specialized training if you need it.  Just contact us on our contact page.)

They think they can’t be on camera.

I want you to think about your day today.  How many times did you look at yourself in the mirror?  If you can look in the mirror, you can be on camera.  It is just getting comfortable talking.  You already know your subject, probably your business, right?  Now all you have to do is pretend you are telling an employee what you need to tell him. Or pretend the camera is one of your favorite customers, what would you tell her?

The point about being on camera is about having something to say.  People see you every day, so whether you are online or now, you are seen.  It is not about how pretty or ugly you think you are, it is about being confident about your message.  Get it in your mind that the camera is just ONE PERSON that needs to hear from you.  Talk directly to that person and you will do just fine.

Option: I mentioned creating a slide presentation and just using your voice.  These can be effective videos and you don’t have to show your face.  You can uses a free online program called Jing to record a video directly from your screen.  Now all you need is a microphone.  Create your presentation, start the online software, speak as you go through your presentation and save your recording.  (Note: the free version lets you create a video for five minutes.  If you have a longer presentation, break it into five minute segments!)

Why do you think you CAN do video.  Share with us on Youtube or GooglePlus.

This is my take on a list from James Wedmore.  He has some great videos if you want to visit his Youtube channel.


Communicating action for your customers

Everything you do especially online, needs to have a ‘call to action.’  A call to action is simply what action do you want your customer to do?

Call to actions are the response that a customer should take when viewing your marketing materials whether online or offline. Common responses include:

  • Go to your webpage
  • Sign up for your email list
  • Go to your storefront
  • Buy your product directly
  • Call your business
  • Download your materials
  • Go to your video

The point is, if you don’t have a call to action, you are losing your customers.  They read your marketing piece and then they may go to another page or call another company.  You want to be specific if you want them to take action.

Let’s say you are building your email list. You create a video that shows value and entices your customer.  At the end of the video you say, “sign up for my list.”  Nope!  This statement is not specific enough.  Try something like this: “Now that you have heard this information, what I want you to do is go to my webpage.  The link is right below this video.  When you get to my page, sign up for our email list and I will send you a free report.”

This statement works because you are telling them exactly what you want them to do. Depending on what your call to action is, you can even video someone taking that action and include a visual reminder.

Also, notice that we give the viewer a reason to sign up on your email list.  You are going to send them a report.  Surely you know that your report must be specific: a report on the status of business in America in 2014; a report showing you how to lose weight this week; or a report showing you how to get your dog to start going outside within three days and ten minutes of work.

You want to be specific and communicate properly if you want your customer to take action.  You will know if your communication is working by the actions your customers actually take. It is easy to quantify.  If you have 10 people watch your video and 5 of them respond, you have a good call to action.

Remember what we said in our previous video.  Keep it simple.  Be specific. Create sizzle.

As an entrepreneur, you are a leader and a participant.  And I would not be a very good leader if I did not practice what I preach, so here is what I want you to do.  I would like you to share your vision or passion on our Youtube or GooglePlus. I want you to add to the conversation about entrepreneurship.  Share a story or something you learned, don’t just try to sell something.

The point is to interact and build a community.  Leave a valuable comment for our viewers because someone may see your comment and decide that you are the expert that they are looking for. They may decide to do business with you because of a comment added value to their life.

As entrepreneurs, we grow when we sharpen each other.

PS: You can even ask a question and we will see what we can do about answering that for you as a community.  Comment now Youtube or GooglePlus!


Action Taking Strategy

If you want an action taking strategy, you have to take action.  That may seem like a simple statement, but too many people don’t take action on what they believe.

You are different, that is why you are here.  I want to walk you through a simple exercise to help you build an action strategy that will launch your business towards success.

I want you to sit down and write out what you want your business to be like in five years.  If you did not watch the video or read the blog on goals, you may want to go there first.

Truly envision what you want your business to be like in five years.  What does your office look like?  What are your hobbies?  How do you give back from your success?  How is your family life?  Get it solid in your head and then write it down.

Now, you need to be specific.  Write down how much money you are making, how many customers you have and how your life is.  The more specific the better.

Here is where the magic happens: break down that 5 year goal into 5 steps.

Let’s say you want to make to be making one million dollars at the end of 5 years.  Well, you need to make $750K in year four, $500K in year three, $250K in year three, and $100K in year one. (That is supposing you are starting from zero.)

As a smart business owner, you will want to think about things like attrition, taxes and things like that.  Attrition means you may lose some customers.  Look at industry standards and account for those figures.  When you plan on monetary goals, plan with your taxes in mind.  Your goals will be more specific and you will be on track to know exactly what you need to do.

Then, in year one, break down what you need to do in months.  Logic would say that you need to have about $10K a month to make $100K in the first year when you factor in taxes.  Yes and no.  Yes, that would be correct, but if you are starting from zero, you need to account for sustainable growth.

When we broke down one million dollars, we backed it up in increments. In your first three months, you may make $10K.  Then, you start making $10K in months three through nine.  Finally, by the end of the year, you are making $20K a month, which gets you on track for your goal for the next year.

Granted, everything will not necessarily work out perfect.  Remember, goals are guidelines.  I mean, if you start making $50K a month, don’t stop.  Push forward, look ahead and adjust your goals accordingly.  You may begin making your one million a year in a lot quicker time than you thought.

If you have an actual strategic plan of action, your goals will become reality.

So, do it!  Write down your five year goal, and break it down all the way to this week.  Then, put the action steps you need to take this week and make them a priority.  You will see your success coming quicker and you will be able to plan for the growth as it happens.

I would love to hear what your five year goals are.  Share them on Youtube Channel or Google Plus.  Engage with us and let’s become a success together!

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