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How do you overcome resistance?

When you want to overcome resistance, there is an easy way . . . take action. Don’t wait for motivation, take action then you will fill accomplished because of that action.  Motivation works that way!  Watch the video for more.

Here are some steps to get you out of your resistance mode and into action mode:

  • Start with the end goal (VISION) – start with the end in mind.  What is your ultimate goal?  If you think along the terms of your ultimate goal, you will have a ‘reason’ to do all the little things it takes to get you there.
  • Get it out of your head – make a list of everything you are thinking you need to do. Put it on a paper, table, computer, whiteboard, scraps of paper, napkins, whatever.  Get it where you can see what you need to do.
  • Pick one item – choose one simple task and get it done.  You will feel accomplished.
  • Build on small successes –  choose a high priority task and run at it with your new found confidence from accomplishing a smaller easier goal.
  • Do it anyway – Don’t wait to ‘feel like it’ take action.

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