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Are You Serving God in Your Business?

As Christians, it is easy to get sidetracked, especially in our business.  Just like in baseball, you need to know how you are doing.  If you look at the news, you might think that the ‘other’ team is winning, but keeping your eyes on Christ keeps you focused on what is important.

With this in mind, I created a handy ‘scorecard’ for Christian entrepreneurs.  You can use the scorecard to quickly evaluate your day.  There are 7 check-up points for each weekday.  Just do a quick check up and you are good to go.

Download your free Christian Business Scorecard Here

If you want a more detailed run down, feel free to continue to read here. . .

I have done a lot of research and tried to make this scorecard as simple as possible.  I could have included hundreds of different topics, Bible verses, ideas and areas of Christian growth.  I paired it down to the essentials and you will see that it pretty much covers everything when taken in context.

Each of the follow questions corresponds with the the 7 Step Scorecard that you can download above.

1. Did you pray for direction in your business?  Praying for direction in your business means that you are putting God first and humbly committing your business to Him.  You are looking to Christ and the Holy Spirit to give you the power and guidance you need to have a God-honoring business.

2. Did you pray for at least one employee, vendor or client by name?  When you are praying think about the person’s spiritual life (Do they know Christ?) as well as their personal and business life (Do you know them?).  The better you build relationships the better you can pray for people.

3. Did you take time to read your Bible?  If you are a Christian you should want to know what God has for your life.  The best place to seek God’s will is to look directly to His word.  Spend a little time each day seeking God’s will in the words of the Bible.

4. Did you mindfully act like a servant leader?  Christ was the greatest example of a servant leader.  We should take His cue in our business and learn to be a humble but firm leader.  If we base our lives on Christ, then how we lead will come through as a true servant leader.

5. Were you a good steward of your time, resources and money?  Everything is God’s and having an attitude of a good steward we watch how we spend our time in our business.  We look at what our money goes to and how we use all the resources we have at our disposal.  If we give everything to him, including our business, we take care of everything as though ‘working for the Lord.’

6. Did you hold yourself accountable to a God-honoring life?  This is where it gets personal.  You must quickly and honestly evaluate your life.  Spending time with family, being an active part of your church, helping those in your community, etc…these are all things that God has called us to do.  It is simply called being a disciple.

7. Did you do your best to Glorify God in your business?  Each day we have an opportunity to represent Christ.  We are His ambassadors to this world.  Offering kindness, gentleness, and all the fruits of the spirit as a person will overflow into the values of your business.

Lastly, I put a column for “What one thing can I improve for God tomorrow?”  Choose just one row, one of the questions above, to do a little bit better the next day.

Example: Perhaps you realized that you did not know your vendor very well.  It was hard to pray for that person.  You plan to give them a call to get to know them and build a better relationship tomorrow.

The entire Scorecard is for your benefit.  It is meant to help you keep your mind on Christ as you go about your daily business.  You may want to put a reminder copy on your wall or near your computer where you can see it each day and keep the one with all your notes on it in a folder or drawer.

I pray that this little scorecard will help you keep your mind focused on the Kingdom of God as you build your business empire.



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