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Ask these questions to really get into the head of your customers.

Sharing your story as a business owner is about connecting with others. The more customers feel like they can trust you the more likely they are to do business with you.  You want to make sure you have every tool in your arsenal that you can have to connect with them.  Your story is one of the most powerful tools you can have.

When someone watches your story or reads it, in their mind they are asking four basic questions.  Each learning style (personality) is looking to answer a question that is relevant or important to them. Let’s talk about these questions in light of learning styles.


The why thinker wants to know the outcomes.  They want to know why you did what you did as well as why you didn’t choose another path.  They are looking to define the motivation behind your story.

Example: I chose to become an entrepreneur because I was not happy with the way my boss was running his company.


The ‘what’ thinker is the kind of person who likes to move from abstract to concrete thinking.  They want to know the history and how that plays into the story as a whole.  These are they sequential thinkers and they want a story where each section builds on the previous section.  They are looking to find out how your story fits together with who you are.

Example: I was a construction worker who wanted to make things more sturdy but my boss was only concerned with the bottom line.  It was this quality thinking that drove me to start my own company.


“How’ thinkers want to know the steps it takes.  Where the ‘what’ people want to hear the history, the ‘how’ thinkers want to know what you did.  They want to hear the action steps.  They are looking to find the truth behind what you did because they want to see the results.

Example: I started my own company by researching the other companies and deciding what I could do better.  I chose high quality suppliers and began advertising.

What if

“What if’ thinkers are the most dangerous…just kidding.  These people want to see the action.  They want to know what you thought before you took action.  They want to know that you considered all option.  They want to know what decision you made that caused you to take your specific action.

Example: I asked my boss if he considered buying supplies in bulk and cutting the cost that way.  He would not listen to me.  I had to make a decision to stay here and be part of a low quality company or strike out on my own to be part of something I could be proud of.

Continuing the Conversation

You want your story to impact as many people as possible.  When you are creating your story, make sure you are talking to ONE PERSON.  Imagine in your head that one person and make sure you answer some of the questions they may be thinking in their head.  I guess you could say these are motivation questions.

People hear a story based on who they are.  Use these four simple questions and consider the personalities or learning styles behind them and you will have a powerful story.  When you create your story like this, it will impact people and they will want to do business with you.

If you did not read our previous blog, we talked about three keys to making your story powerful.  Put those keys together these questions and share your powerful entrepreneur story.

If (when) you do a video share it with us on my Youtube page or on my GooglePlus page.  I would love to hear your story.

Remember, leaders take action and you are a leader.  Share your story this week!

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