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Evaluate your mobile site

When you put your business online, you are setting up a digital ambassador for your business.  Your mobile website is a second ambassador so you want to make sure it looks as good as your main representative, right?

25% of all searches are mobile (as of April 2014).  In the US 34.2% of all paid searched were mobile (as of December 2013).  Bot of these figures are growing and some say it is expected to double by 2016.  That means it is crucial to evaluate your mobile presence for your business.

I have seen some really bad mobile websites.  You can tell when someone does not care about their online presence.  As a entrepreneur, you need every advantage you can get.  The more times you can engage with your customer, the better chance you have to make and keep them a customer.

If you are a local business, meaning you have a storefront where people in your community primarily come to your location, a mobile site is crucial.  Here are some things you want to watch out for when evaluating your mobile site.

Tips for evaluating your Mobile webpage.


  • Is your navigation easy to find?
  • Can you access your navigation?
  • Are the links easy to see on a screen?


  • Is your contact info at the top?
  • Is there a link near the top that goes to a map of your location?
  • Is your phone number easily readable and programmed to call your business directly when a customer clicks on it?


  • Your page may be fancy on a computer, but do the images overlap on a smart phone?
  • Are your images easily recognizable?
  • Is your logo prominent and still readable?

I have been to sites that look wonderful, but none of the links work.  I have been to sites that are creative, but when looking at them on a smart phone all the images are jumbled up and I can’t even read the text.  You don’t want that to happen to you.  Take time to evaluate and prepare your site for smartphones.

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