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Creating Meaningful Purpose

Everyone wants to have a deeper purpose to life.  When we define that purpose, we begin to live in the reality of what we were created for.  Imagine knowing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.  Imagine knowing exactly why you are here on this earth.  You can know these things if you look to the one who created you.

In business, there are many things that distract us.  Sometimes we have to redirect our employees or our team.  If you have a defined mission, values and purpose, your team will be strengthened.  They will know where they need to goal.  Howard Partridge says that leaders need to:

Effectively communicate a meaningful purpose that inspires.

Are you inspiring?  Are you an effective communicator?  Do you have meaningful purpose?


Mission is how we get where we are going.  It is usually one sentence and defines what you are trying to accomplish each and every day.  To define your mission, just ask yourself what do we deliver to our customers?

Your mission can be used to help make decisions.  If your mission is to deliver great customer service and someone suggests a remodel of your waiting area, you know what to do.


Vision is what your business looks like.  You define what kind of business you see for the future.  It is a goal that you are striving towards.  While mission may be ‘deliver valuable customer service’ your vision may expand that into quantifiable numbers.  “Our vision is to deliver valuable customer service by having the best waiting area, attentive customer service ambassadors and the most polite workers in the industry.”


Values are standards we live by.  Values help you live out your mission.  These are principles that ring true in every department.  You may think of things like integrity and outstanding customer service.  Simple ask yourself, what do we really value?

You can find out what you value by the attitude of your workers.  Look at what gets rewarded.  Do your employees get a pat on the back for completing a task quicker than expected?  You value speed.  Do your employees get acknowledged for making customers happy?  You value customer service.  Do you encourage employees to have fun while they work?  You value fun.


Purpose is the why behind what we do.  Everything in business comes down to a single point: passion.  Why do you do what you do?  What drove you to create or become part of the business that you are in?  There are motivating principles, but usually there is a story.

For instance, when I was younger, I wanted to be in business.  I could not find anyone to mentor me, so I went at it alone.  I found the struggles much harder and it took me longer to reach success.  I decided that I wanted to give back and help other entrepreneurs.  I wanted to help them with the help that I did not have.  “Helping entrepreneurs’ is my why.


Creating a system is the goal.  If you can define what we talked about on this blog, you can begin to lay the foundations to your system.  Employees won’t have to call you for every decision if they know the values your company has.

When you create a system, you free yourself from your business and allow the business to grow.  There is two ways of doing it.  You can work ‘on’ your business.   Or you can work ‘in’ your business.  If you work on it, it runs when you are not there and you have a system in place.

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