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4 Step Sales System


Get to know your target audience ahead of time.  Anticipate and prepare for objections. Learn to talk their language.


Read their personality and their situation.  Present for them in a way that it they feel like you are reading their minds.  Talk directly to their needs using their language based on your research.


Internalize and understand where they are coming from. Script your presentation in a way to overcome objections and naturally follow through to the closing of the sale.


Go over all that you went over with them in a short version.  Remind them of the key points.  You can even hand them a checklist.  Use this to close the deal by getting the customer to ‘buy in’ to what you have revealed.

Bonus: Review

Go over what you accomplished in your sales process.  What can be improved?  What worked great?  If something needs to be improved, learn from other experts and get better.  Read book, listen to audios, or watch videos.  You have so much at your finger tips today to grow in your presentation.

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