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Sales and conversions

The goal of marketing is to get in front of the customer.  The very next thought should be ‘how do I convert those prospects into sales. It is called sales conversion.

The key is to create a sales system.  Make sure your sales system is based on why a customer should buy from you.  Always keep the ‘why’ in the top of mind awareness.

Sales Conversion System

In sales, people are at different points of the buying spectrum. You want to have a sales system that identifies where they are and brings them to the next step.  Leads become prospects.  Prospects become customers.  Customers bring in more customers.


These are people who are ‘likely’ to buy from you.  If you think everyone needs your product, you cannot market.  Identify who is most likely to buy from you.


These are people who have seen your brand or company. They are exposed to your marketing and are thinking about buying.  You want to get into the heads of this group so you can really connect deeply to them.


These are the people who decide to buy from your.  Your sales system should include follow-up with this group of people.  Include strategies like a referral program.

Sales is everything it takes to convert prospects to paying customers.  Your entire sales system that must connect with each of the above stages.

The easiest way is to deliver meaningful experience that educates, engages and entertains.  The easiest way I could describe a sales system is this:

  • Educate your leads.
  • Engage your Prospects.
  •  Entertain your customers.

Sales and conversion is simple once you understand the needs, wants, and problems of your ideal audience.  Then, you just build a system around those needs, wants, and desires.

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